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Mark Eisath
In order to use the rights defined in Art. 7, please approach the person responsible for data processing in writing (by postal service or e-mail).

If the opportunity for the input of personal data (e-mail address, name, postal address) is given, the input of these data takes place voluntarily. Mayrl Alm states expressly that it will not disclose these data to third parties.
Act no. 196/2003 on Data Privacy: within the meaning of Art. 13 of Act no. 196 of 30 June 2003 and subsequent revisions related to the handling of personal data, the customer takes note that any of his/her data provided to Mayrl Alm will be managed and used by modern IT systems, including such management or use by external parties or  staff commissioned by Mayrl Alm to do so. Use is exclusively for the purpose of fulfilling mutual agreements between the parties concerned, as well as for the purpose of promoting the customer's activity. The customer is entitled to examine, amend, request the deletion of, or object to the use of, these data subject to existing contractual obligations. In this case, the customer should write directly by registered mail to Mayrl Alm at the address provided below: Städtl 14 - I-39050 Eggen.